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Christine Deady -Sorrow

Yours- by Christine Deady from the album Inspired by you


In the silence of the woods
In the clearing of the trees 
You got down on your knees
Took my hd d and said
Will you be my wife
All of my language
All of my wit
None if that could prepare me for this
Love soo deeply, words just get in my way

What can I tell you
What can I say
When everything has lead me to this place
How can u show you
What can I do
For me there is no-one like you

Ill be yours
Ill be yours
Ill be yours
You will be mine

Words they are so easy to say
But nobody has ever loved me this way
Speak the truth, hold my dreams like you
And I don't know if you can see
Loving you is improving me
I'm a better woman because of you

To Be Somebody

Somebody’s been trying to tell me about you but I won’t have any
And the fears that underlie everything we do, I have known so many

I went for an interview in an office; he said what do you want from life.

I said you know what sir you’re right I don’t mean to waste your time but

I really want to sing.

I was afraid for so long, I wore it on the inside, till it’s just ate me up

To be Somebody, not just anybody

To be somebody, to be myself

Somebody on the outside is trying to get through but I won’t have any.

Cos I have invested too much in the truth to let just any.
The idea of you makes me feel rich but I don’t feel so good around you (I know what that means).
I say somethin’s got to change and I think it’s me cos you’ll have anybody but I’m not just anybody.

I was afraid for so long, I wore it on the inside, till it’s just ate me up

To be somebody and not just anybody,
To be somebody, to be myself.
I wake up in the night, my spirit on my mind,
Say what you are trying to fight.
If you want to be somebody, don’t be just anybody.
If you want to be somebody, become yourself.
I want to be somebody……

Inspired by you   

So you put your best shoes on and made for the door
and you left everything to him but you took her
And you would've stayed in it if he had've been true
you would've done the best that you could do
That promise meant something to you
I'm inspired by you 

So you move on with your life and make a new home,
and you work real hard at doing it all alone,
 No it wasn't easy but you really pulled through,
   showing everybody what the spirit can do.
   She is gona learn so much from you.

   Im inspired by you.....

   Watching you dance on the stump of a tree
    I never knew a woman with so much beauty.
   You have worked so hard to set yourself free
   now you're inspiring me
   You'r inspiring me....
   I'm inspired by you.....

Peace- Christine Deady charity single for the Irish Red Cross


There's a silence that's between us that does not seem to know how to go home
And the reckless nights I've prayed for you pretending that I am immune to these walls
But we've shared so much in our lives when fear did not see the light
I laughed with you and I cried too
And every aching in my heart so longs to be a part of your life again

Peace be with you
Peace fall around you, and yours

The color of the trees in winter evokes this feeling of hope deep inside
And I have not thought about you for the longest time
till someone dares to look me in the eye and speak the truth
then I know you like we're children
And I believe every word that you say
And I'm no longer fumbling before you
but searching to find a way
Peace be with you

Peace fall around you
Peace fall from you
Peace be with you
And yours.....