Operation album under way

Recording is now only one day shy of completion. The amazing Deirdre Archbold and Paula Kingston of Re Nua are putting backing vocals on two more songs tomorrow night we are actually FINISHED RECORDING. I'm soooo soooo excited. Thanks to everyone for all the support and encouragement these past few months.

I am currently working with the Fund it team to put together a campaign to help me pay for the final leg which involves mixing, mastering, artwork and duplication. So if you want to be involved in sponsoring the album that would be amazing and I would be so grateful of the support. I will have more news on this by the end of the week.


I am so delighted and chuffed to report that the recording of my album is almost complete. I have been hibernating for some time now, learning, listening, reading, writing new and mending old and broken songs, a very slow apprenticeship in the craft that is songwriting. The result is 12 songs, some which you may have heard and some which have never been aired outside of my living room. I have always said that I would like nothing more than to record an album I can stand by, I never felt I was able to do this before but timing seems more important than I ever could have imagined and all the things that were once such a struggle seem to be miraculously falling into place.

I have up until recently always hated the studio with a vengeance and always felt creatively stifled in that environment. I think I secretly thought it was the studio's fault too and not my own demons and doubts intimidating what ever sense of music I thought I had in me. With the support of people who come to see me play, and the solid network of dream catchers (family and friends) around me, something (I don't dare to understand or question) has changed and I am more ready than I thought possible to put my small collection of songs out into the big bad world and let it do whatever it will do and go where ever it may. 

Thank you for all of your support.
It is in no way small and language is not big enough to fit all of my appreciation inside.