Christine on Screen

30 October 2013- 
In an unexpected and exciting turn of events Christine has been offered her debut film role by German Director Franz Muller for his upcoming film 'Happy Hour' which is currently shooting in West Cork. She was originally contacted in regards to the use of one of her songs for a scene and was then offered a part which involved playing the love interest of one of the three lead male actors.

Fortunately on the first day of filming I was blissfully unaware that the actor is non other than Medhi Nebbou, the french film star who has starred alongside Leonardo DiCaprio in 'Body of Lies' and worked with Spielberg in the blockbuster 'Munich'.  I also have the pleasure of working alongside Simon Licht, Alexander Horbe and Irish actress Susan Swantan.  I've just completed a week of filming with my final scene to be shot next week. Having never acted before Im enjoying it more than I could have imagined, it's alot more natural than I though it would be, perhaps there are more similarities between being a musician and acting than I realized, they both require honesty and presence.

Photos by Philip O Regan, Southern Star 2013

The film will be released within the next two years with a potential European cinema license. Watch this space!