Bags of News

As some of you my know from the general extra bounce in my step and air of nervous excitement that follows me around these days, I am almost finished recording the album. Anthony Noonan has been working his magic in producing and playing his sickening repertoire of instruments and Re Nua's, Deirdre and Paula have adding their magical harmonies in what has been newly coined 'sexy padding'.

So whats left I hear you ask...

Well I'm glad you asked, In order to make the album audible to your ears it needs to be mixed and mastered. This part of the process is responsible for the quality of the audio so that you get your moneys worth when you buy an album. The wonderful and very talented Sophie Coyle is currently working on the art work and then its duplication time baby.

So why am I telling you this...

Well this is where you might be able to come in. After the recording costs my funds are now empty so I have set up a fund it campaign with the very helpful Fund it team in Dublin to help me to raise these funds. You can help me by sponsoring the album. There are many ways to do this on my Fund it page with lots of awards ranging from signed copies of the album, skype songwriting workshops, personalized gig in your own home and of course felted and knitted goods .

Here are some example of the handmade awards

High quality hand knitted felted handbags.

Man bags also available.