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To all the people who have encouraged and supported me all this time, I know its taken me a while but the album recording is actually FINISHED. 12 tracks I am soo sooo proud of have been dusted off and more heart and soul than I realized I had have gone into them.

In order to send the album to the next stage of mixing and mastering I'm looking for a little help. If you are interested in buying the album please buy a presale now and in doing so you will help me to fund the final phase of the project. You can sponsor anything from 5-500EURO. I cannot tell you how instrumental this will be making this life long dream a reality. Please spread the word. Thank you, Thank you, Thank

Christine's hazey stage presence, smokey poetry and husky voice combine to enchant and entrance any audience. Undoubtedly, a very bright future ahead for this talented songstress -John Spillane

Christine Deady knows how to take a song and give it a good night out, or in. Jackie Hayden HOTPRESS

I dabbled with religion but joy kept creeping in
Leonard Cohen (cos hes the MANN)

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